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Dipole Center Insulator

Antenna with

a 1:1 Current Balun


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The Frequency Devices precision built Dipole Center Isolator with Balun is now available so that you can build your own antennas.  The 1:1 current Balun is based on a W2FMI design and will handle the full legal limit provided the SWR is not above 2:1.  For information on the Frequency Devices Center Isolator without a Balun Look Here.

This Antenna has been tested to withstand 100 pounds of strain over time without breaking. It can be installed as an inverted V or as a straight dipole. Our antennas are built using 18-8 stainless steel hardware, all internal nuts are self-locking, and all holes are sealed with RTV sealant.

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DCIB Dipole Center Insulator (with 1:1 Current Balun)
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DR100-1/8 100 feet of 1/8” double-braided UV-inhibited Dacron rope
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