NASA's International Space Station

The superior performance of Frequency Device's signal-conditioning solutions has earned a place on NASA's International Space Station.

Boeing is developing a number of active-rack isolation systems (ARISs) for the space station. An ARIS will carry micro-gravity experiments that must be isolated from natural vibrations in the normal space stations environment. It floats the experiments on a 2,000-pound rack (weightless in space), while push-rod servo mechanisms and acceleration-and-position feedback sensors indicate the motion and location of the rack in space.

Incorporated into the ARIS's remote-unit electronics will be Frequency Devices' fixed-frequency, low-power, 8-pole, 6-zero, elliptic filters along with a custom 2-pole programmable Chebychev filter. the remote unit will read accelerometer and position data from the ARIS rack and send that data to the central controller. the filters will condition the accelerometer output, eliminating unwanted high frequencies and other noise that may infiltrate the system. The programmable filters will also assist in optimizing system responses from the ground while the unit is in place.

This application represents only one example of the myriad of alternatives that Frequency Devices offers to enhance the processing accuracy of analog, digital, and mixed-signal systems. Other applications include data acquisition, dynamic testing, medical electronics, process control, and communications.

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