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D92 Series

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D92 Series
Single Power Supply
Anti-Aliasing Low-Pass Filter
Designed for use with A/D Converters






The D92 Series of small 2-pole fixed-frequency, precision active filters provide high performance linear active filtering in a compact package, with a broad range of corner frequencies and a choice of Butterworth or Bessel transfer functions. These filters are designed to work with up to 16 Bit A/D converters. These fully self-contained units require no external components or adjustments.

Each model comes factory tuned to a user-specified corner frequency between 1 Hz and 400 kHz* and operate with low total harmonic distortion over a wide dynamic input voltage range from non-critical single +5VDC to +18VDC power supply. Each filter has a built in internal +6VDC and -6VDC power supplies to power the filter.


  • Low harmonic distortion and wide signal–to–noise ratio to 16 bit resolution.
  • Available with Single or Differential inputs.
  • Available with DC coupled or AC coupled inputs. (The AC corner frequency is a single pole at 2 Hz.)
  • Compact 1.5"L x 2.0"W x 0.4"H minimizes board space requirements.
  • Plug–in ready–to–use, reducing engineering design and manufacturing cycle time.
  • Factory tuned, no external clocks or adjustments needed.
  • Available in Butterworth or Bessel transfer functions to meet a wide range of applications.
  • Requires a single +5V to +18V power supply to operate (The module generates ± 6 VDC internally to operate the filter).
  • One to one offset input that works with your A/Ds reference output to set the output of the filter in the center of your A/Ds input range.
  • Available with built in gains from 0 dB to 60 dB.

    * Bessel 1 Hz to 200 kHz



  • Anti–alias filtering
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Communication systems and electronics
  • Medical electronics equipment and research
  • Aerospace, navigation and sonar applications
  • Sound and vibration testing
  • Acoustic and vibration analysis and control
  • Noise elimination
  • Signal reconstruction

Available Low-Pass Models:

2-pole Butterworth
2-pole Bessel

Fixed Frequency
Low-Pass Filters

Model D92L2B D92L2L
Product Specifications
Transfer Function


Corner Frequency Range


1.5" x 2.0" x 0.4"

1 Hz to 400 kHz


1.5" x 2.0" x 0.4"

1 Hz to 200 kHz

Theoretical Transfer
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Passband Ripple
0.0 dB   0.0 dB
DC Voltage Gain
0 ± 0.1 dB max.
0 ± 0.05 dB typ.
0 ± 0.1 dB max.
0 ± 0.05 dB typ.
Attenuation Rate
12 dB/octave 10 dB/octave
Cutoff Frequency
fc         ± 1% max.
± 0.01% /°c
-3 dB
fc        ± 1% max.
± 0.01% /°c
-3 dB
Filter Attenuation
1.49 dB       0.80 fc
3.01 dB       1.00 fc
30.0 dB       5.62 fc
40.0 dB       10.0 fc
1.86 dB      0.80 fc
3.01 dB       1.00 fc
30.0 dB       7.10 fc
40.0 dB       12.75 fc
Amplitude Accuracy
0 - 0.8 fc
± 0.2 dB max.
± 0.1 dB typ.
0.8 fc - 1.0 fc
± 0.3 dB max.
± 0.15 dB typ.
0 - 0.8 fc
± 0.2 dB max.
± 0.1 dB typ.
0.8 fc - 1.0 fc
± 0.3 dB max.
± 0.15 dB typ.
Total Harmonic
Distortion @ 1 kHz      
< -100 dB < -100 dB
Wide Band Noise
(5 Hz - 2 MHz)
< 200 µVrms < 200 µVrms
SINAD < -100 dB < -100 dB


(@ 25°C and Vs +5 Vdc to +18 Vdc)

Analog Input Characteristics1
  • Impedance: 1 MW
  • Voltage Range: ± 6 V peak
  • Max. Safe Voltage: ± 6V

Analog Output Characteristics

  • Impedance(Closed Loop):
    1 Ω typ., 10 Ω max.
  • Linear Operating Range3: ± 5 V
  • Maximum Current2: ± 5 mA
  • Offset Voltage3: ±5 VDC


  1. Input and output signal voltage referenced to supply common.
  2. Output is short circuit protected to common. DO NOT CONNECT TO +Vs.
  3. Any voltage applied to the offset pin appears at the output and an output offset. Note that if, for instance, the offset pin is at 2 VDC the maximum linear operating range will be ± 3V not ± 5 V. This is because you cannot exceed +5V or -5V linear operating range. Any voltage applied to the Offset Pin is low pass filtered to remove noise.
  4. Units operate with or without offset pin connected.
  5. How to Specify Corner Frequency:
    Corner frequencies are specified by adding a three digit frequency designator to the basic model number. Corner frequencies can range from 1.00 Hz to 400 kHz.
Power Supply (+/-V)
  • Rated Voltage: + 5 VDC to +18 VDC
  • Maximum Safe Voltage: + 18 Vdc
  • Quiescent Current: ~110 mA


  • Operating: 0 to + 70°C
  • Storage: -25 to+85°C

Pin-Out and Package Data

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