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Filter Mounting
818, 858, 854, R858, R854, 828, 824, D828, D824, 428, and 424
Series Filters and D83P and D83P-D Amplifiers

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Single Channel Filter Mounting Box
For Programmable Frequency Filters





The FIBP Filter in a Box for Programmable filters and Amplifiers eliminates the need to breadboard or hand-wire modules into individual test set-ups.

FIBPs’ come factory assembled with your choice of one of our programmable frequency filters or D83P amplifier already installed.  Each FIBP has its own ±15 volts power supply and BNC connectors for the inputs and outputs.  The FIBP will work with any of the 818, 858, 854, R858, R854, 828, 824, D828, D824, 428, or 424 series Programmable filter modules or it will also work with our D83P or D83P-D amplifier modules. The FIBP box is 3.8" wide by 1.5" tall by 5" deep.Features/Benefits:


  • No more building of breadboards.
  • Single channel enclosed box for protecting the filter and its wiring.
  • Accepts a broad range of filter modules allowing for selected cut-off frequencies and transfer functions specific to each application.
  • Provides easy connection to the filter with simple industry standard BNC connectors.
  • Reduced engineering design, set up, and test time.
  • Provisions for adjusting the DC offset of the installed filter.
  • Analog power supply to minimize noise.
  • Built in DC offset adjustments for most filters.


  • Aerospace,navigation,sonar applications
  • ATE,research and development
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Communication systems and electronics
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Industrial process control
  • Medical electronics equipment and research
  • Sound and vibration testing
  • Noise elimination
  • Signal reconstruction

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