Product Selection Guide - Passive Filters
May 2015

High frequency Passive Filters

Passive filters from Frequency Devices are available in frequencies up to 1 GHz and in some cases higher in frequency.  The filters are built into a 3.7” by 1.5” case that is 1.25” tall.  The cases are available with or without mounting ears.

The following types of filters can be built:

Butterworth: Band Reject, Band Pass, High Pass or Low Pass

Bessel: Low Pass

Gaussian: Low Pass

Constant Delay (Linear Phase): Low Pass

Chebyshev: Band Reject, Band Pass, High Pass or Low Pass

Elliptical (Cauer): Low Pass and High Pass

Please contact the Frequency Devices Engineering Department with your filter requirements at 815-434-7800 extension 236.

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